July 22, 2018

New Waters - July 20, 2018

I was able to drive south the other day and fish some water that was new to me. This stream has a higher nutrient content than the streams that I normally fish, so the fish are larger and more energetic than mine.

After a four hour drive I arrived at the stream. I rigged up the TenkaraBum 40 with a 360 cm #3 line and put on 6X tippet. Normally I use 5.5X tippet, but I thought since this water gets fished frequently, the fish might be shy; so I went with 6X.

After I fished for a few minuted I hooked a small brown. But then I was into a couple of rainbows that, while not trophies, were in the 14 inch range and had nice thick shoulders. Then came a cutthroat followed by some nice 14 inch browns.

I fished for my usual 1.5 hours then headed back to the pickup. Overall, I was impressed! I'd like to revisit this water sometime in the future and explore more of its reaches. Its just a long drive!

Here's the video. The arrow shows the fly drift. The oval shows the take.

July 19, 2018

Fishing More Than Testing

As you may have noticed, lately I have been fishing more than testing. There have not been as many new rods or other tenkara equipment that I have been interested in as of late, so my attention has been focused on fishing. I have been using a few prototype rods, but for the most part I've been exercising the trout in my local streams.

One such trip was just the other day. I visited one of my favorite streams, but this time I hiked cross country to it's upper reaches to see what the topography and fish population was at that elevation.

As I fished further and further upstream the fish population seemed to change. Lower down cutthroats predominated. But as I ventured further upstream, rainbows and even a few small brook trout (unfortunately) entered into my net. I found that sort of interesting (except for the brook trout, which I don't find interesting at all. I find them usurping little river rats, although they are sort of pretty).

The stream's topography was pocket water all the way. I love pocket water, but in a moment of reflection I felt that I needed to start fishing some meadow streams, as I feel that my skills for that type of stream are lacking. I have become less comfortable with more open and less high gradient waters. Maybe it's time to make a shift. Maybe. I'll have to think about it a little longer.

But in the meantime, I'll keep fishing my pocket water freestone streams. How can I stop? They're just too much fun!

July 14, 2018

Evening Fishing During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is in full swing in the northern Rockies. Daytime highs have been in the mid 90'sF over the past few weeks. This makes daytime fishing less enjoyable, despite the cool and soothing feeling of wet wading.

I decided to fish during the evening the other day. The air temperature had cooled to 91F and the water temperature was 60F. The water flow was holding up nicely, despite there being no appreciable rain for a couple of months.

I fished from 1800 to 1930 hours, my usual 1.5 hours. There was very little breeze and although it started out a little slow, by the time I left I had taken well over a dozen browns. A couple were in the 14 inch range. I normally don't go after fish in that size category, but they were fun and put up a great fight.

The fly for the evening was #10 Oxford wool kebari. It fished it tightly against the bank, as most of the fish were holding near cover along the shore.

It was a fun evening. I'll have to revisit evening fishing some other time as that evening was quite productive.

July 11, 2018

Tenkara - June 28, 2018

On the morning of June 28th I fished a mountain stream for browns and cutthroats. I recorded the stream and some of the fish that I took. In the video I show the reach of the stream I fished from both low and higher elevation drone footage. I also show the drift of the fly and where the fish took the fly.

It was a fun morning with cool water, active fish and no other people!