October 16, 2012


If you haven't read the recent post by Chris Hunt at Eat More Brook Trout then I would recommend you do so. He writes about the precious nature of Public Lands in the US. There are political movements underway in many states that could eventually change the nature of and access to public lands.

He does a better job of writing than I do so I'll link you to his post:

Eat More Brook Trout: Public lands... Our Birthright

I love his last two lines :  "Remember, it's our land. We have a say, and it's time we used it.

You can sell my birthright ... when you drag my corpse from it.

To that, I say AMEN!!!


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    1. Thank you, Chris. I know it's not good blogging etiquette to link to another's blog post but I agreed so much with your post that I wanted others to read it as well. Thank you again for your excellent writing and relavent topics.



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