October 4, 2012

Trash talkin'!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I like the Net Holster from Smith Creek. I use it all the time, and I think it is the best way to control a wooden net.

Well, Wayne at Smith Creek has just released another very cleaver item that has made my life on the stream just a little more simpler. The item is called the Trash Fish. It is a waste fishing line holder that fits in your pocket and simply does what it is supposed to  -- hold used line!

I have used a MonoMaster but it is relatively bulky for pocket use and it slaps around as you walk or cast, if it is hanging from your vest or chest pack.  It is easy to use though. I have also used a Fishpond Piopod Micro-Trash Container, but it suffers from the same bulky design as the MonoMaster. They are better than nothing but, I like my fishing equipment to be simple and effective -- sort of like tenkara!

The Trash Fish is a thin, beautifully designed metal "key" that has a foam rubber gasket which captures your used line and holds it until you can properly dispose of it. Because it is thin it fits in your pocket and is essentially "invisible" until you need it.  It has a micro parachute cord tag to help you find it in your pocket.

When you have extra line or tippet material that is unused just wrap it around the Trash Fish logo making a loose loop. Next just pull the tippet loop and Trash Fish fish cutout in opposite directions and the line will slide quickly next to the rubber gasket, thus being captured securely! What a neat, simple and elegant design! It is one of those simple things where after you see it work say to yourself  "I could have thought of that!".

Look how thin it is -- Yes, that is micro parachute cord!

The Trash fish with loop of tippet material in place.

When you get home you just cut the loop with scissors and dispose the line in the trash. Cutting the line also makes it into smaller pieces so that it is less dangerous to animals (like the rats and gulls at the city dump).

Impression: I really like this little tool. It is well made, functional, aesthetically beautiful and it has made my on-the-stream time better by helping me capture waste line and tippet easier -- without a bulky plastic trash can handing around my neck! Once again kudos to Smith Creek!

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