March 29, 2013

Traveling with Multiple Rods

I'm currently on my way to visit the grand kids in Arkansas. There is a creek near where they live; actually it is a small river. It has panfish and bass and I fished it briefly last summer when I was there last.

Little Sugar Creek, that's the creek, goes right through Bella Vista, AR. Since I'll be there a week I plan on fishing it a couple hours each day, weather permitting.

To carry my rods, I am using a Cabelas rod carrier. I am bringing a Shimano 39NT, a 390 cm 6:4 rod from the UK I am reviewing, a Daiwa Sagiri 45MC, and a 5wt with reel. The Sagiri is for the panfish, the Shimano for the bass, the UK rod for either and the 5wt if the wind is too strong for the tenkara rods!

The Cabelas carrier is 36 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. It is fully padded and lined and easily carries all these rods and the reel. I could have brought even more rods but I'm sure this will be enough. The carrier is large enough in diameter to accommodate a small chest pack with fly box and streamside gear as well.

The carrier is green Cordura. It has a convenient handle as well as a padded, adjustable shoulder strap. The tube itself is Poly plastic and very crush resistant.

There is a nice discussion currently on Tenkara Talk. Jason asks whether you use the rod tubes that come with certain rods. I said I don't, and the reason why is that I use the Cabelas tube. Usually when I fish I carry multiple rods -- sometimes just to fish them but usually to review. If I'm in the car or on the plane I carry my multiple rods in the Cabelas case.

So here I sit at DIA waiting for my flight to XNA. I'm typing this on the iPhone. I'll keep you updated on the fishing. I'm really hoping to catch some Smallies, but I'll be just as happy with some feisty bluegills. We'll see what I come up with!!

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