February 8, 2014

Tenkara Rod Give Away

I have a lot of tenkara rods. I'm running out of space. I'm in the mood to give one away.

Did that get your attention?

Borrowed from here.

Yes, I'm giving away a perfectly good, lightly used Tenkara USA Ayu II. It will come with its rod tube and sock.  I'll even pay for shipping within the CONUS. If you live outside the CONUS, I'll pay for the standard CONUS shipping amount and you pay the difference to get it to you. Deal?

This is what you get.

It is a beautiful 390 cm 6:4 tenkara rod and casts a furled, level or braided line wonderfully. It is a very robust rod and can withstand some larger fish.

It is a beautiful rod.

Why give it away? I don't seem to use it often and I thought, "someone out there could use it more than me". Preferentially, I'd like it to go to someone who would really use it - someone who needs a longer tenkara rod for bigger fish - not just turn around and sell it. But once it's yours, its yours.

So here's the deal. Write me, through the "Post a Comment" portal of the blog post, why you want this rod. Don't write me through the "Contact Me" tab above (that's OK for other communication, but not for this give away). Comments section, got it? Tell me why you'd like the rod, what you plan to do with it and how it will expand "your" tenkara. And remember: Please give your name with your comment. I don't know who "anonymous" is.

Comments portal

So, can't afford a 390 cm rod because of job loss? Tell me. Always wanted a Tenkara USA rod but couldn't afford one? Tell me. You want to get a tenkara rod for your brother's birthday, but you're too cheap to buy one? Tell me. The spouse won't let you buy any more rods but you really need a more robust rod to tackle that dream fish? Tell me! You like my blog and think it is the best personal tenkara blog in the world? Tell me!!   ;)  Kapeesh?

When all the responses are in, my wife will decide who gets the rod. Why my wife? She is an independent observer. She doesn't know any of you (she doesn't read my blog) and she doesn't really have any interest in tenkara. She therefore is not personally, emotionally, spiritually connected to any of you (i.e., she is impartial and unbiased).

So give it a go; tell me truthfully why you want this rod. Sure, you could just make up a great lie of a sob story and you might win. But then again, you have to live with your conscience.  Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in honesty.

Disclaimer: I will send you this practically new Tenkara USA Ayu II tenkara rod, rod sock and tube as I stated above. You accept it "as is" and use it. If you break it, loose it, hurt yourself or someone else with it, etc, that is your problem, not mine. If you can't catch fish with it, that too is your problem, not mine. If you love the rod, great! If you hate the rod, sorry, it's yours. I do not warranty the rod, sock , or tube. But hey, it's a free rod so just go with it!

from here.

OK, there you go. The contest is open. I'll keep it open until February 18th at 2359 hours MST. Any posts after that will not be considered, nothing personal.  I'll announce the winner on Teton Tenkara and ask that person to contact me via the "Contact Me" tab with their shipping address (that message will come directly to me; no one else will see your information).

Once again, please remember: Give your name with your comment as I don't know who "anonymous" is. Cheers!


  1. Hi Tom,
    I would love to have the Ayu ll. I am relatively new to tenkara and would like to expand my arsenal. My two daughters (ages 5 and 8) are starting to really enjoy tenkara also. It is easier or more intuitive than spin fishing. They are able to cast and catch bluegill all on their own. My daughters would be able to fish my smaller rods and dad could fish the more robust Ayu ll. We could have regular tenkara outings all summer long. I am a teacher/guidance counselor and get to spend nearly every day with my girls during the months of June and July. I guarantee to give the Ayu ll very frequent workouts. Its more substantial build should be ideal for the warmwater streams and ponds here in central Indiana.(We are very trout deficient in these parts) Catching smallmouth on the Ayu should be a hoot.
    Thanks for a great blog and a generous give-away.

    Shawn in IN

  2. OK. I'll be honest. I really LIKE your idea of giving away a rod. I don't NEED another rod. As a result of watching your blog and other Tenkara blogs, I am deeply sucked into Tenkara -- not the religion of having a cork handle, but the joy, simplicity and effectiveness of zoom rods. I have bought 2 Daiwas and have another one (Oni) on order. I haven't even been able to go out and fish one yet! So why would anyone want to give me another rod?

    I want to experience yet another rod. With the exception of yourself, and guys such as Daniel, Chris Stewart, Jason Klass, Erik Ostrander and a handful others, few of us really KNOW Tenkara. Experience with different rods is the only way to understand the design and practical tradeoffs. We all fish differently, and in different waters. What works for one person may not work for another. With that in mind, I want to own your rod for a couple of fishing outings, and then offer it to somebody else through your blog. Pay it forward. If I break a part, I will pay to replace it. I will pay to ship it to the next winner. I hope the next person will be inspired to do the same, but he/she doesn't have to. It is your rules, not mine.

    Doing that kind of thing fits your site. As I mentioned to you in a previous email, I think the richness of information (stream flows, temperature, wind, kind of rod, rigging, kind of flies, where you cast, and where the fish took etc) provided by your site is educational and puts it in the class of a Khan Academy f(khanacademy.org) on stream fishing. I have books on fly fishing, and though I've enjoyed them all, they don't evoke the visceral experience as one gets from video. I have learned a lot from your site, and gotten a lot of pleasure seeing the beautiful places in Idaho. Trying out a different rod completes the educational/visceral/tactile/practical experience -- if not for me, then definitely for other watchers of your site.

    Thank you for your patience with my ramblings.

  3. Before sending me your gracious offering of the Tenkara Rod, you will need to hold a ceremony and transfer some of your mojo to the rod. Then, I will proceed to use your rod on waters you visited here in Oregon during your past and celebrate those times through your rod. The Clackamas, Eagle Creek, Oak Grove Branch of the Clackamas, the Breitenbush River and many, many more rivers, creeks and lakes will experience your spirit and feel your presents during my fishing outings. AND, I will promise you that I will pay it forward and give to rod, eventually, to a deserving young fisherman that will hear your name and the story of how the rod came to be in his or her hands and ask them to continue the tradition by giving the rod to another young angler when the time comes and share the history of the rod.

    Really enjoy your site and visit it daily. If another deserving person receives this rod, I am sure they will enjoy it as much as I would have. Thanks for your contributions to Tenkara.

    Delane Guild

  4. If you send me the Nearly New Ayu Two, I, too promise to give it away. I'll use it a little first but it'll still be a Nearly New Ayu Two. The biggest problem with introducing tenkara to new anglers is they can't try it without buying it. This way they can at least try a rod (even if they can't buy it - great idea to do it with a discontinued rod, by the way).

    My first tenkara rod was given to me by a guy I didn't know, and who didn't know me. He wanted to help promote tenkara in the US (this was more than a year before it was officially introduced to the US). I've kept the rod out of sentimental reasons, but I like the idea of helping someone else get started the same way I did.

    You could be starting something here - something between the Vagabox (Vagabond Fly Box that gets passed from angler to angler) that everyone wants and the continuously regifted Christmas Fruit Cake that no one wants.

    If you don't choose me I still think it is a great idea and applaud you for doing it, and if you do choose me I promise to pay it forward, although I'll attach a proviso that the rod is to be given away again once the recipient decides he or she loves tenkara and buys their own rod or decides the Nearly New Ayu Two is something they don't want either.

  5. Terry Farmer - Feb. 9
    Hello Tom, This is a really good thing you're doing here. I don't need any more rods at present but I would like it to be known that I will accept any and all re gifted Christmas fruitcakes. I've got to be honest, they won't be paid forward. I love those things!

  6. Hola Tom.Esta noticia es muy buena para mí,ya que practico Tenkara en mi país Uruguay-Sudamérica-y sólo lo puedo hacer con varillas chinas baratas que no son especificamente de Tenkara,pero trato de adaptarlas para la práctica.Por problemas de índole económica y aduaneros,todavía no he podido usar una verdadera varilla de Tenkara,lo cual me produce mucha ilusión poder hacerlo algún día.Hace tiempo que visito su Blog,el cual es muy bueno y me ha sido de mucha ayuda.Un abrazo desde el sur de América.Me llamo Gerardo García y mi humilde Blog es:http//:www.mosqueandoenlassierras.blogspot.com/

  7. First off thank you for your generosity in doing this giveaway. I love reading your blog. I have learned a great deal from you over the past year or so. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. I especially enjoy it because you fish so many of the same streams I do. Native cutts are passion, and I love the small streams.

    I am very new to Tenkara, but I liked what little time I had to try it. Last year I bought a Daiwa Sagiri 39MC from Chris Stewart . I really liked the rod, but unfortunately I slipped on an ice covered boulder in the Cub R last spring and crushed one of the lower sections.

    I do have regular flyfishing equipment and rods that I use, but I really wanted to get more into Tenkara. Money has indeed been tight this year. I am a retired teacher. I had to retire early for health reasons (reactive airway). That made my retirement less than was planned.

    One “benefit” of the reactive airway problem is that with all of the smoke in the valleys these last couple of summers, I spend a lot of time fishing in the mountains! :) I love exploring the small streams and look for new places to try depending on where I have to go to get out of the smoke. Tenkara is perfect for the small streams I fish.

    Even if I don’t get lucky and win this rod, I will eventually be purchasing another Tenkara rod, so your rod reviews have been very helpful.

    You may have seen me at some of the SEIFF meetings. I don’t make it to many of them lately, but when I do I am hard to miss. I am obviously the one in the blue gas mask. :) Stop and say hi if you are there too.

    Thanks for considering.

    1. Some how my name got cut off of the post above.
      Cindy Pierce

  8. I only have the one rod at the moment. Winning this one would allow my son to join me on this new adventure. As much as I enjoy fishing alone, I would love to introduce Ryu to this gentle pass time. And to be completely honest, taking him fishing would allow the wife to let me go a hell of a lot more!
    Steve Wade

    1. You know, I learned a lot about Tenkara and fly fishing watching Tom's site. But one more thing I think he should teach us is --- how the heck he can go as often as he does without his wife getting angry at him? Hmmmm..... maybe some secrets are not meant to be shared (Smile).

    2. Well, lots of communication and attention to her when I am at home. When I'm with her, it's all about her. She likes acts of service and words of affirmation. Then, when I ask to go fishing she doesn't hold it against me. It's taken me over 27 years to figure that out.

  9. I'll give it to a kid. Personally, I quit fly fishing ten years ago. It just seemed like blue ribbon fisheries, catch and release, and other innovations had turned it into combat fishing at its worse. Tenkara fishing reintroduced me to the simplicity and beauty of fly fishing, just like Mr. Robert Call, my boy scout leader taught me 50 years ago. Today, thanks to tenkara, I'm fishing again and sometimes I feel like a kid doing it. Somehow, giving it to a kid and teaching them the true beauty of tenkara would help pay back Mr Call for the life time of pleasure fishing has given me. Larry Mangum

  10. Congratulations Tom for this "giveaway"!
    I will not apply myself for it since i have too many rods and this one would do
    much better for a newbie looking to get into tenkara.

    All the best.

  11. Why you ask? Because I love fly-fishing! I currently live in Pinedale, WY and have access to some incredible fishing both in rivers and high mountain lakes in the Wind Rivers. That said, I have found myself seeking out smaller, remote streams and rivers in search of solitude and great fishing. I do love fishing with a traditional fly rod and reel but often it feels bulky when I'm traipsing through the undergrowth or hopping across river-rocks. I have been researching Tenkara rods for a while but have hit something of an information overload with all of the information out there. I think this would be a perfect rod for me because of its ability to handle larger fish; twenty inch trout are not uncommon in almost every spot I fish and having the peace of mind that a rod that would bring sounds downright sensational. PS if you come to Pinedale, I'll take you fishing. (High Country Goldens, Football Brookies, Wary Browns that smell you coming from thirty yards... Take your pick!)

    Cheers and tight lines,
    Andrew Masters

  12. Thanks for the great giveway. I am a guide and am trying to start guiding Tenkara in Rocky Mountain National Park as a certified Tenkara USA guide. I do need a couple of extra rods for the folks I take out to fish with. I think teaching Tenkara in RMNP will really resonate with a lot of people. Thanks!

  13. Why? Because as a high school student, living away from parents, I can not afford to go and buy a tenkara rod. Also my parents are often reluctant to shell out a c note to get a new rod. I really am interested in Tenkara, and after fly fishing for 2 years, I'd like to try something a little less conventional. It would be great to use one of these and test the waters with tenkara. Muchos Gracias

  14. Thanks for prompting tenkara. I'm at least one rod long now so please don't pick me

  15. Thanks for offering up this giveaway. I wouldn't use this rod. I would hand this off to my wife. I currently only have one tenkara rod so it makes it difficult when she wants to go fishing because she only enjoys tenkara....no reel for her. This means I have to either watch her fish or switch to my western outfit.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I'm intrigued by this rods exotic and simple beauty. I'll learn to use it respectfully, taking it with me to high country quiet places. Fishing isolated beaver ponds, stacked along crystal clear gravel bottom connecting streams. This is where I'll take it, and why you should send it to me. When I've learned it's character, I'll teach someone else to use it and pass it on.

  17. My mom got my dad, who has never fly fished before, a Tenkara rod for Christmas. I'd love to get one, too, someday to go fishing with dad, but as a recent Clemson grad in my first job, that's something that will just have to wait... unless I could win this one!

  18. Hi Tom, Andrew Horton here, that's awesome you're giving away a rod! I would love to have another rod so I can give it to my girlfriend. We started fly fishing together a year and a half ago, and she really hates it. I mean REALLY hates it. On our last trip to the Ausable her rod broke and she said 'that's the best thing that's happened all week' I bought a tenkara rod from Chris Stewart in december, and I think it would be perfect for Katie also. I've seen pictures of her at 6 years old standing on the edge of a river holding a tree branch with line tied to the end of it, fishing with corn niblets on a hook, and catching. These are still her best fishing memories. I know this rod is not a tree branch, and appreciate how well made they are and how well they can cast, and I think she'd be right at home with it. Anyway, we fish together a lot so it would be cool to each have a rod. It's not too far out to fish a tenkara rod with a small hook and some corn is it? :)

  19. Hi, I would put this rod to good use. I have been trying to teach my 10 and 12 year old daughters how to fly fish. Last year I bought an Iwana, hoping it would be easier, and less frustrating, for them. They both caught their first fish on a fly last fall. The smiles were perfect. They each told me how much easier it was to use my Tenkara rod. They were very patient while taking turns to fish. Having a second rod, they both be able to fish. I am looking forward to the first "double" when the both have a fish on.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Scott Neff

  20. Hi Tom. I believe I would be the perfect candidate for your rod because the first time I have ever even seen a Tenkara rod in person was yesterday! At the Winston-Salem Fly Fishing Show! I am a high school senior and for my graduation project I am learning Tenkara! The criteria for the project are simple: you have to pick something that you have never done before and you can't have a whole lot of knowledge about it. With me being an outdoorsy person who likes to hike and explore North Carolina's State and National parks, Tenkara was right up my alley! I have fallen in love with the simplicity of Tenkara, and the idea of having the least amount of gear as possible between me, the fish, and nature really appeals to me. So I think I would greatly benefit from obtaining your rod because it would help me produce a fantastic product for my graduation: a demonstration of how to set up a Tenkara rod, how to properly hold the rod and cast the line, and the various techniques of Tenkara. Who knows, you could help guide me into a life long hobby and possibly a career.

    Thanks for the consideration,
    Max Royal
    Senior at North Davidson High School and New Member of Appalachian Tenkara Anglers

  21. Hello, I have just recently learned about the wonderful art of tenkara fishing. I currently live in Crested Butte, Colorado and it is surrounded by great little streams and rivers that feed into the Gunnison River. This area is filled with high alpine streams and lakes that are perfect for tenkara fishing, however; I do not have the necessary tenkara equipment. Being an active ski-bum and holder of a low paying job(s) leaves me with little to no cash to spend on fishing equipment. This rod would allow me to skip my purchase of a Fountain Head 13' and reallocate those funds to some hip waders.

    I still haven't caught a fish with a fly yet, but I will keep my hopes up. I've come a long way from fishing bluegills with bobbers in farm ponds in Nebraska and I hope to actually catch some trout this year. I guarantee I'll put good use to this rod. There are a lot of good mountain bike rides in the Gunnison county that are right next to some of the most beautiful streams and I'd love to be able to pull some gorgeous trout out of them.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Sincerely from a ski-bum, teacher, and fisher at heart,

    Alexander Urban

  22. I already have a tenkara rod, which I purchased in Japan because it seemed like a good souvenir. But I'm stymied by buying and attaching the leader. Make sure you attach a leader before you send this one to me so I can copy your work on my own rod.

  23. I don't need another rod Tom. I just want to say good on you. Great idea to pass the rod onto another. Hope it finds it's way to a well deserving good home.


  24. Hi Tom

    Firstly, thank you giving away one of your Tenkara rods, its a very generous man who gives away one of his own fly rods! Haha. I am an avid fly fisherman and have been since I first picked up a rod about 4 years ago. I first discovered Tenkara about a year ago on youtube and was instantly into the idea of it. It strikes me as such a pure form of the sport.
    The reason I do not own a Tenkara rod and have not had the chance to try Tenkara is simply due to money. I am Irish and not a US citizen. My wife however is US born and bred. We are a young couple and it has taken us over two and a half years, all of our savings (plus generosity from friends and family) and months at a time apart from eachother to get through the immigration process. At last though, we are together in the US!!! Unfortunately we are still paying off our immigration costs and all the bills related to the process (medical exams, filing fees etc etc), as a result there isnt any spare money for us to treat ourselves right now.
    On the plus side however, we have managed to secure our dream jobs in a stunning Alaskan lodge for the summer! It is still kind of sinking in, we cannot wait to get up there. If I were to win this Tenkara USA Ayu II I would put it to so much use in Alaska. The lodge we will be working in sits on the shore of a Grayling filled lake and we are also very close to numerous rivers hosting rainbows and salmon. The waters are not the typical huge wide Alaskan rivers, they tend to be slightly smaller and sound like they would be ideal Tenkara territory! I have accepted the fact that I cant buy a rod to bring with us but I am absolutely going to take this chance to maybe win one!
    Thank you again for your generosity. I have my fingers crossed for this one!
    All the best
    Toby Nolan

  25. Hello, I just moved to the Rocky Mountains, Canmore, Alberta. I live minutes from the Bow River and I've started fishing with my 5 year old son last fall. After witnessing many people unable to catch the white fish that were running (us included), unless they had a fly rod, I knew I had to try it out and learn the art. I just started learning about Tenkara and am drawn to the "simplicity" in the design, rod with no reel. I am looking forward to walking the rivers and streams in the mountains next spring with my son. I'm not sure the size of fish I'd be catching in these waters, or if this rod is well suited, but I would be thrilled to learn the art with the rod you are generously offering. There are local experts and courses offered to get a good start. Looking forward to the new experience, Shawn

  26. Good afternoon.

    Until I visited your site for the first time I had fallen out of love with fishing. Not so, anymore. I'm itching to get a rod back in my hands and re-learn what I used to know as second nature.

    I used to fish regularly with my father at the weekends and after school; we used to camp for a few long weekends in the summer, taking in some fishing on local stretches of water. Happy days - countless hours!

    When I got to the age of, I suppose, 16ish it all tapered off. I suppose I discovered going out and to my shame I simply didn't renew my licence and haven't really fished since. The bit that upsets me really about that is that my Dad stopped too -- he'd been fishing for 40-50 years at that point and when I stopped, he stopped too.

    Now I'm 28 with my own family and this year my Dad retired. I hope to surprise him by arranging a weekend to get us both back into the sport with a bang. Maybe we won't catch so much as a minnow but of course half the fun of fishing with someone is being out there, sharing the experience.

    All of our old kit is in his garage and that's no doubt what we'll be using, though much of it is at least 20 years old (to be honest, most of it was 20 years old when I was using it 20 years ago!!).

    A rod like this would be a wonderful kickstarter to get my father back into fishing and I hope to rejoin him (the intention is certainly to start taking my daughter too once she is old enough).

    I'm in the UK so understand about the postage contribution, etc.

    Thanks for this very generous offer and for considering me.

    Love the site.

    Jamie D.

  27. Well you can't win if you don't try so here goes.

    Tom I've been following your blog for sometime now and have always enjoyed reading/watching what you have to offer. I actually contacted you before making my first Tenkara purchase.

    I live in upstate SC and I was lucky enough to run into another angler on the water who had a Tenkara rod. I asked him if he would mind talking with me about it and he was more than happy to give up his own fishing time to talk to me. He actually handed me the rod and allowed me to make several casts just to get the feel for it. We exchanged info and continue to stay in touch. This is the reason that I would love to win this rod. I have tons of friends who want to try Tenkara but I only have one rod. With a 3 yr old son and another one due in early May I don't have a ton of cash laying around to purchase another one. I would love to be able to introduce people to Tenkara and show them all the reasons I'm constantly talking about it. Thank you so much for considering me and for being the kind of guy who gives back to your community.

    Wesley W.

  28. Robert Dickerson II roamingtiga1968ufc@gmail.comFebruary 11, 2014 at 6:57 PM

    I desire this tenkara Ayu in particular because, I'm ispired by the simplicity of this rod, style of fishing and form. To me less is more, less is freedom. When there is space there is room for more when need be.
    I love to fish the irondequoit creek in Rochester, New York for brown trout and other creeks nearby. Fishing brings me peace, its my passion. I would use the Ayu to prove to my.centerpin buddy that tenkara rods can bring in larger fish as well.
    Right now I do not have the money to aquire a tenkara rod due to lay off.from work and no unemployment coverage. When I do aquire a tenkara rod I would love to start a tenkara group in Rochester, New York as I see we are not represented here at the moment. Right now I only have a $7 tenkara rod from amazon. I would be very grateful to receive your Ayu rod.
    Thank you so much.
    "many creeks to cross"

  29. Robert Dickerson II roamingtiga1968ufc@gmail.comFebruary 11, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    I desire this tenkara ayu in particular because, I'm inspired by the simplicity of this rod, the style of fishing and form. To me less is more, less is freedom. When there is space there is room for more.
    I love to fish the irondequoit creek in Rochester, New York and other creeks nearby for brown trout. Fishing brings me peace. I would use the ayu to prove to my centerpin buddy that tenkara rods can bring in larger fish.
    Right now I do not have the money to purchase a tenkara rod due to job loss. When I do receive a tenkara rod I would love to start a tenkara group in Rochester, New York.
    Thank You
    "many creeks to cross"

  30. Hello,
    I’m writing in for my 10-year old son Gordon. He loves to fish, wade streams, catch snakes and frogs and any other activity that involves water and the outdoors. Last summer I introduced him to fly fishing and he really became attached to the sport. There were a couple of days on the river where he just wouldn’t give up. He was casting an old fly rod that his grandfather gave him, fiberglass and very, very heavy. Not one complaint all day. He had the drive to fish past the evening and into dark. He’s hooked!
    Now it’s time he gets his own gear. Gordon has been shoveling snow this winter in the neighborhood to save up for his own rod. He’s almost to the point of purchasing, only a few more driveways to go. I’ve shown him Tenkara and we’ve looked at a couple of rods at our local fly shop. I explained to him that they are very light and simple to use. Once he picked one up, you could see the amazement on his face.
    On Gordon’s behalf, I know for sure he would be more than thankful and appreciative of receiving a rod of his own. On my behalf as his Dad, I would appreciate having the opportunity of watching him fish and exploring the streams and rivers together here in Missoula, Montana.
    We appreciate the generous pay it forward mentality.
    Thank you,
    Geoff and Gordon McMillion

  31. Hello,

    I hope you are enjoying reading all our comments, but I will try to keep this short. In my employment I am constantly moving around to new areas and I am currently in South Carolina. There are many awesome streams nearby, but each time I move I have to find a new fishing pal. I have a new fishing bud here but he has changed over to Tenkara and I feel bad whipping my fly rod all around him. I would enjoy learning Tenkara and I am saving towards a rod now. I have 3 teenagers whom I love but they consume all my money before I even know I have it. It will be a while before I can purchase a rod, but I will not give up. My wife would love it if I were able to win a rod without spending any money. It would also be cool to pass this rod along to my children one day as I have a fly fishing rod my grandfather gave me years ago and I cherish it. Thank you for listening and for this great opportunity!

    Michael Barksdale

  32. If I had it, I could be a fishing ninja.


  33. Why? Because free stuff is the best! ;-) Seriously, I would love to be the recipient of your generosity and desire to spread the love of Tenkara. I have passed along numerous items, gratis, to friends when those things were no longer used by me. I figured that I was blessed to have them and enjoy them while needed, and wanted to be a blessing to someone else that would really use the item. In this case, I would really use and enjoy this rod. I live in Western Virginia, which is brook trout heaven on small streams. I have used my 8 ft 5 wt Clearwater rod for years, and have gotten by, but for the past few years I have increasingly wanted to switch to Tenkara for my trout fishing. However, small kids at home and one income (pieced together from a few jobs) the budget has simply not allowed it. So, a Tenkara rod is not on my radar unless it is free. I am not a regular reader, but I stumbled upon your blog and post after daydreaming about Tenkara (cabin fever with a foot of snow on the ground) and "googling" Tenkara. Serendipity (or God, I prefer divine intervention :-) led me to your give-a-way on page 1 of the results. So what will I do with this rod if I am chosen? I will take it into the mountains and catch the prettiest brook trout in the east, with my 12 year old son in tow. My 5 year old son will catch blue gill in the pond in our neighborhood. I might even get a wild hair and take it to the famed Mossy Creek and try to fool a brown bruiser with the ninja-like stealth and smooth presentation that this sweet rod will bring :-) I'll even send you pictures for your blog. In case you haven't guessed by now, I would really, really love to get this rod. Pick me!
    Thanks for the consideration,

  34. Since taking up tenkara, I've introduced it to several friends, had my wife out many times, and I've taken my Dad out a couple times as well. I get plenty of time on the water to myself but always seem to have more fun when someone else is there with me catching fish of their own. I've got two rods but, they are so different it's limited the places I can take people to try it while still getting some casts in for myself (Amago and a Daiwa Soyokaze). Having the Ayu 2 would open up more water for me to take people and, let's be honest, it's just fun to try new rods!

    Thanks for the chance!

  35. Hi. I used to fish high country lakes, little feeder streams, and the occasional big waters (Poudre, North Platte, etc.). Then the girls arrived, and fishing activity reluctantly was dropped, being too long away from the family. Well, the girls are off in their post-family worlds, god bless 'em, and I've rejoined the ranks of the fisher family - my used Ebisu during lunch hours on the scoured Boulder Valley streams. What I'd *really* like to have is a bigger rod to fling those reverse hackle flies across the larger streams, just like the old days. Maybe get skunked, maybe tease a large rainbow or brown into battle. That Ayu and I could be a sweet duet. (Thanks for the consideration!)

  36. I have lost 117 lbs. over the last year and beaten diabetes (it's gone after the weight loss) I have recently gotten back into fly fishing and have just started hunting (got my first Elk cow last Oct.). I learned to fly cast in downtown Tokyo in Shinjuku where a close friend worked in the LL Bean store. He taught me how to cast in an alley / road on the side of the building. I live in Arizona and the local rivers don't always have the largest fish but they have lots of trees and brush. Having also discovered Tenkara style suits our lakes and rivers and I would love to pursue my fish using the sweet simple method, and getting a free rod will allow budgeting for another rod for my daughter to go with me.

  37. Hello everyone,
    I first fished Tenkara 20 years ago and of course at that time the name didn't exist; at least in France. And at that time, I didn't have a fancy tenkara rod, just a rod with a mono filament and a hook where I would hook a real fly. You can imagine how laborious was this technic... First you need to catch flies and put them in a box. Then each time you have a strike, you have to put another fly. If you were not gentle enough on your line, you would loose the fly. But my friends and me had real success with this technic and real fun. And this is what it's all about: fun, friendship and respect.
    Later I discovered fly-fishing and dry flies and everything changed. For few years now, I am back to my first love with tenkara. This technic makes so much sense. This is my experience with Tenkara.
    Cedric Sirantoine.

  38. Hello! the dog picture took my attention more that the rod, it's true!
    I visited your blog because I bought a Tenkara Rod Co Teton and I can't wait to try it! (but I have the fishing license exam in March, in Italy the rules about fishing are quite strict, yeah only about fishing! ).
    Probably I'm not the right one to give it because I've never been fishing tenkara so will be wasted for some points of view... ah yes the main reason is that I live in italy and the stream next to my house is full of trouts of around 30cm and I'm scared that the Teton (tenkara rod co) will not be stiff enough... Thank You for the occasion and the fun!! Byeeee

  39. 2 haiku for an Ayu 2:

    February mud--
    my trout streams wait
    for tenkara
    trout takes kebari
    bends a bamboo curve
    into carbon fiber

    Less abstract: 99% of my trout fishing over the past 20 years has been with a light spinning rod that I built when I took a class. I've worn out a couple of reels, broken an inch off the tip in an accident on the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas, and am still having a ball with it. But the rod is six feet long, and sometimes I'd like to present unweighted flies without a float or keep a longer line off the water. I even considered packing the (10', non-telescoping) bamboo cane pole of my childhood.

    When I heard about tenkara a month or so ago, it clicked with me and I've been eagerly reading everything including your excellent trip reports and rod reviews. I'd be humbly grateful if your Ayu became my first tenkara rod.


    Wes Stone
    Chiloquin, OR

  40. Ciao Tom, mi piace il tuo blog, io mi sono avvicinato a Tenkara da poco (tecnica unica e affascinante molto simile alla Valsesiana...) mentre prima pescavo solo a mosca, avevo comprato una canna da Tenkara ma ora a causa di un " incidente " sono rimasto senza canna...
    Appena potrò permettermi di comprare un'altra canna riprenderò a pescare, in questo momento non ho soldi da spendere per la pesca, sono senza lavoro e ho una figlia piccola...

    Saluti dall'Italia

  41. My wife and I learned to fly fish together 10 years ago. Time moves us on and how we spend our time has changed somewhat but we both remember those early days when we fished together. I have a tenkara rod now and I've managed to head out to our mountain streams with my wife to show her the joys of not using a reel. She loved it! I think the simplicity of it was the first attraction. The second attraction came from being able to spend more time with me without having to fiddle with so much gear. Something we both like. We have a son now as well. It will be our privilege to introduce him to a beautiful world and to teach him good stewardship. Both of us being able to go out and fish together will be a strong lesson. That is a lesson my wife and I look forward to delivering together.

    Paul L. Smith
    Walland, TN

  42. First off, thank you for the content provided on your site. I am sure it takes quite a bit of time and energy to put all of the information and trips together. I frequent your site very often for the great tips, insight, and reviews.

    Second, thanks for the opportunity of a chance at a rod. I currently have two starter rods. One 12' and one 9'. The 9' for teaching my five year old how to fly fish. They are both great and fun rods but in the Kansas City area where I live most of my fishing is on lakes and ponds. I have been contemplating getting a longer rod but with the five year old and twin two year old boys it is probably not the best investment at this time. This brings me to your generosity and a chance at one. The rod will come in handy for the lakes and ponds and when my boys are old enough to use one of the longer ones.

    Last, but not least, thanks to your wife for being a sport. I know this does not have much to do with what I plan to do with the rod, but I am sure it was not her first choice to read all of these comments. It sounds your wife, like mine, supports our fishing conditions. For me going out helps clear my mind of the day to day stress that can build up. It is me, maybe a friend or family member, the outdoor environment, and the fish that I am trying to be more clever than. Without that support I am sure we may be a little grumpier. Who knows it may be more for them than us.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of the year. I look forward to the future posts.

    Mike Phillips

  43. I just purchased a tenkara rod today which I was going to share with my wife. We both are very interested in learning a lot more about fishing in this style, and the Ayu II your giving away would go a long way towards making this something we could do together. On top of that, it is a much better rod than what I bought. I think it is awesome you are doing this, and hope whoever gets it will truly appreciate it. All the best to you and your family.
    Chris Howard

  44. Am I too late to enter? I have a Tenkara rod and absolutely love it. I am hoping to give one to my (much) younger brother so that we can spend more time together.