April 16, 2014

Mountain Stream Tenkara April 2014 -- fishing before the flood

While I was evaluating the Gamakatsu MultiFlex Suimu 4.0 tenkara rod I fished a number of different types of streams. One of them was a typical Rocky Mountain stream that is a particular favorite of mine, but I wanted to do so before run-off started

We currently have over 120% of normal snow pack our local mountains and that means that if is warms up quickly all of that snow will come racing down the various watersheds. The other thing all that snow means is that you still can't get to the headwaters of the streams unless you walk (snowshoe or ski) a very long way, snow machine in, or fly in! But there is one other way...

I decided to get well into the mountains riding my Rokon Scout. I've written about this amazing all-terrain conveyance before, but this is the first time I've taken it into snow country and challenged snow machines.

My Rokon Scout on a previous trip.

I drove up into the mountains, over snow packed roads and then out across snow covered hillsides. Most of the snow has melted on the south facing slopes and I chose these areas to traverse the hills and finally to park. I then walked the rest of the way in.

I fished most of the early afternoon, picking up a number of cutthroats, rainbows and even a couple brook trout. There was nothing of any significant size, but the sky was bright blue, that water was low and gin clear, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Here is the video of the trip: ride in, hiking, fishing, ride out.  Now the snow has started to melt and the water levels are rising quickly. I hit the stream just before run-off and got to see it in a totally different way and time of year.


  1. Beautiful day and nice fish. That was a good sized brookie.

    Was the lower part of the stream very high or off color? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey C,

      The water down low was low and clear also. I bet that's not the story after these last few days!

  2. Streams will really start moving with the highs predicted for this weekend too. Guess we have to either go higher like you did, or hit the tailwaters and spring creeks.


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