May 26, 2014

A Few Hours; A Few Fish

The other day I walked into the upper reaches of a creek that I love to fish. I went by myself, walking along a trail and feeling the sun and smelling the air. It was a beautiful afternoon.

After reaching my desired location I was pleased to see I was alone. It was the beginning of the Memorial/Decoration Day weekend and since the weather was nice I figured there would be people all over the mountains. I did see a bunch of ATV and motorcycle riders in the distance, but they were on a different trail. While I was on the creek no one came past, at least on a motorized vehicle. I they did come past they'd have to be walking, as I didn't hear anything but the creek and the breeze in the trees. Also, the cattle haven't been brought into their mountain grazing range yet -- no cow pies to navigate.

The water was really nice; clear, good flow and not weed choked (yet). Since it was sunny, I had to keep low and make my casts very precise.  I still struggle with that, the precise casting thing, especially when a breeze comes up.

I used my Daiwa Sagiri 39MC and, at least at first, a Fujino Soft Tenkara 3.3 tapered mono line. This combo worked really well. The Sagiri is a slow 5:5 rod that loads really nicely with the light mono line. The casts are delicate and lay the fly into the water without splashing. On water such as this, this is what is needed to not scare the fish away.

However, after about an hour a breeze came up so I changed to a 10 foot #4 fluorocarbon line. This handled the breeze better than the Soft Tenkara mono line.

For the fly, I used a #12 UKB. I did use a white Takayama kebari for a few minutes but this wasn't doin' it, so I changed it out. The UKB was into fish quickly.

All the trout were cutthroats. That maked me pretty happy. There was nothing of size; I think the largest would have come in at near 12 inches, but all the fish were bright and strong.

I fished for 2 hours; took around 16 fish. I didn't take any video, I just fished. It was nice and very relaxing.