May 10, 2014

Fishwest Fly Fishing Spring Fair 2014

The day after I fished with John Vetterli of Tenkara Guides, LLC I was invited to participate with them at their booth at the 2014 Fishwest Fly Fishing Spring Fair. Fishwest is a fly shop located in Sandy Utah and this year they had a spring fair with vendors, speakers, demonstrations, raffles, etc. Unlike an Expo, this fair was outside in the parking lot behind the store.

At the fair, Tenkara Guides, LLC had a table set up kitty-corner to Jack Dennis in which they introduced people to tenkara, tenkara rods and tenkara-style fishing. The booth was manned by John Vetterli, Rob Worthing and myself.

The day was sunny but windy (Jack Dennis's sign kept blowing over), and that made the tenkara casting demonstrations a bit challenging. Despite that, we had many excellent interactions with fishers new to tenkara. Many people were amazed at the compact and lightweight design to tenkara rods. Some folks were skeptical, but those that routinely fish smaller streams, or those who backpack, readily saw tenkara's appeal. Many people wanted to buy a rod on the spot, but we had to remind them that Tenkara Guides LLC is not a tenkara vendor, but rather an ambassador and guide service. I had to remind them that I was "just a guy with a blog" and also did not sell anything.

John and Rob working the table

Rob demonstrating casting

I had a great time and made new friends. I want to thank John and Rob for letting me help at the Tenkara Guide LLC booth at the fair. It made my trip down to SLC complete!

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