September 14, 2014

Hike and Fish -- September 8, 2014

I haven't had time to post for a while, due to some changes in my life. This will likely be the new me for a while. Sorry.

I did get a chance to hike into some pretty country recently. The water is much larger than I normally fish. There were fish everywhere. Most were in the 8-10 inch range. Almost all were rainbows; there were one or two brook trout and the rare small cutthroat. I did land a 14 inch rainbow; doesn't sound like much but I hooked him near rapids and he shot downstream. It was a fight to keep him out of the fastest water and get him into some calmer waters.

I did hook a larger trout, I'd guess near the 20 inch range, but I could not keep him out of the rapids and the fly pulled out -- bummer!

I cooked lunch on the side of the river and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Here is a video of the hike, lunch and some of the fish.

Again, due to some changes in my life my blog post volume will not be as it has in the past. But I'll stay with you; just stay with me!


  1. Great video. Beautiful scenery. I really enjoyed seeing how you set up your lunch. Looked like a good way to relieve stress. That is the cool thing about fishing. When I am on the stream, I think about nothing but the fishing and my immediate surroundings (the birds, the sound of the water,etc.) I look forward (patiently)to your next post.

  2. That looks so relaxing! Even though there are big changes coming in your life, you'll need to make sure you get outside and do what you love every once in a while. You're no good to anyone if you haven't recharged yourself.

  3. I like all your videos. I particularly liked this one - maybe the expansive river and the resting and eating. The little products expositions, too. I don't know what life changes you have, but I see your generosity in making and sharing your tenkara hangs in there. Thanks!


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