September 27, 2014

White Takayama sakasa kebari variant

Here I present one of my favorite flies. If the water is low, as it often is this time of year in the Rocky Mountains, this fly is stellar! It rides just under the surface and has the qualities of attraction and movement. It is a two thread fly. I'll show you how I start with one color of thread and transition over to another.

I'll also show you how I secure peacock so that it never comes unravelled, without using glue.


  1. Very nice video Tom! This tool is really cool and I think it is the first time I see a bobbin holder with the dubbing twister function.

    1. I no longer use a dubbing whirler tool. This bobbin makes dubbing loops, and chenille so easily.

  2. I have never really thought about how flies are made. Such a work of art!


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