November 3, 2014

Tenkara Chat

There is a new tenkara chat room on-line. It is called the Tenkara Chat project. It is ran and monitored by Matthew, a tenkara fisher from Arkansas. The chat room is designed to be a place where tenkara fishers from around the world can come and chat regarding all things tenkara, any place, any time.

I have provided a portal to Tenkara Chat directly from Teton Tenkara. Just click on the "Connect" button in the middle of the portal and you're in. I used Tenkara Chat to talk to Matthew this morning. He's a nice guy and fully supports the tenkara community.

I'm providing this as a service to Matthew, but please be aware that the chat room is neither hosted nor sponsored by Teton Tenkara -- I'm too old and too lazy to monitor a chat room 24/7!

Anyway, If you'd like to talk about tenkara in real time with other tenkara fishers, give Tenkara Chat a try.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for supporting this project Tom! Your Tenkara adventure fishing videos are incredible and they always give me that nice feeling of being out on a stream or at the pond. Even if it is a nasty day out and there is no way I'm going to be able to fish.. I can check out your latest posts and get that Tenkara "fix" for the day. =)