January 15, 2015

Gamakatsu Ryokei 390 review -- part I

When reviewing a rod, I normally outline the physical description, attributes and performance first, then show how it works on the stream. Today, however, I'm going to do it the other way: show the rod on stream first. Part II, which is coming up, will talk about the rod in some detail.

Here is a short video of me using the Ryokei 390 on a typical mountain stream. I present POV and 3rd person view as well as some drift/take annotations. 

Suffice it to say, I really, really like this rod!


  1. Very nice Tom.
    Would you mind telling me (us) where dis you bought it from??

    1. Hi Carlos,

      I bought mine used, but Tenkara Bum could likely get you one. Another possible source would be http://www.tenkaraya.com/. They do custom orders.


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