February 20, 2015

The Short Game video

In the last post, I talked about fishing small, challenging creeks. Here I present a video of some of the techniques I talked about in that post. Since it's winter, and all the leaves are off the deciduous trees and shrubs, the creek doesn't look that closed in, or over grown, but trust me, it is. This particular creek flows next to a campground and therefore there are places where the campers and picnickers have widened the creek bed, making wading areas. These areas are some of the only places that you can cast, the rest of the creek being overgrown with Red-twig Dogwood.


  1. Dear Mr. Davis,
    Just watched your video where you're using the Nissin YuYuSan 290. Have been talking to Chris Stewart about this rod. How do you like it? Pros & cons? Do you know the penny ratings? Thanks. Roger H.

    1. Whoa, Mr. Davis is my Dad. Tom, call me Tom. Yes, I have the penny ratings. If click the Rod Flex Index Chart tab up at the top you can see that this rod is moderately stiff. At 240 cm it's 19 and at 290 cm it's 22. That gives this rod a RFI of 7.5 and 7.4 respectively. Pros: It's very lightweight. It has a flexible tip allowing you to cast light level lines. It allows two different configurations. Cons: It's hard to get, although Chris should be able to get them. It has a stiff mid an lower section -- it's not a full flex rod, rather, it's a tip flex rod. Your cast needs to be short and quick. Some folks don't like rods like that. I'm still not sure if I like it completely or not. I think it will take me a while longer before I decide.