March 23, 2015

My life uncovered

I've been writing this blog for over three years now, and if you've noticed, I don't share a lot of direct information about myself. This is mainly due to the fact the the blog is about my tenkara experience and not necessarily about me.

However, I recently had the opportunity to take part in an interview on in which Adam Trahan, the host and owner of that forum, asked me a series of questions regarding myself, my feelings about tenkara, and the like. I tried to answer the questions candidly and honestly, and I hope the interview is somewhat informative.

So, if you are interested in a little more about me, my background and my fishing goals, feel free to read and comment on the interview. It may be read here.


  1. Seems that you have accomplished a LOT, and are still accomplishing. We appreciate your blog! John L, Colorado.

  2. Went to your astrophotography site. The pictures are wonderful. My scopes have not been getting much use lately. Your photos have inspired me to get them out and put them to use this spring. When I look at your photos of galaxies like M51 which is incredible, the most awe comes from looking and finding several other galaxies in the background. We are such a small part of this universe.


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