June 21, 2015

Girls Camp and Brookies -- June 19, 2015

This past week was girls camp. My wife was one of the leaders and so she asked if I'd come along and help a couple of the days. I went up Wednesday and help set up. On the way up there a tire on the equipment trailer delaminated and shredded. I dropped it off at a tire store in the last town before getting to camp, and then drove back down in the afternoon to pick it up.

Girls Camp (me in the camo shirt)

On the way back to camp I wondered about the creek that flows in the bottom of the canyon. I've never fished that creek but I had a few minutes, a rod and some flies in the car so I thought I'd go prospecting for some trout.  I suspected there were trout in these waters but what kind I did not know.

The canyon.

I tried to get to the creek but deep willow bogs met me, making the approach more than I wanted to deal with at the time.  I therefore walked up stream about one quarter mile until I found an opening in the trees. On my third cast I hooked a trout. Bringing it to hand I saw that it was a 8 inch brook trout. A couple minutes later I had landed two others.  That was enough for me at the time and I headed back up to camp.

Thursday I had to go back to work but Friday morning I drove back up to camp. My wife suggested that I fish a couple of hours Friday morning and so with her blessing I put on my wet wading gear and hit the creek.

The creek has a lot of beaver ponds. That's why the willows are so thick.  I know beaver a good for the stream ecosystem, but I prefer running water. I worked my way through the willows and finally out into the lower ponds. I worked my way up stream catching brook trout along the way. I caught about two dozen in total. I did hook and land two cutthroats though and so I felt quite relieved that wild, native trout still lived in this creek.

After about two hours I went back to the car. It was a successful exploration of a creek that I'd not previously fished. I'm not sure I'll be back for a while, as brook trout are not my favorite quarry, but still, it was fun.

Here is a video of the fishing.

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