July 4, 2015

Holiday Fishing

I'm usually not one for holiday fishing. This is mainly due to the fact that for the few days around Independence Day there are always more people on the water -- no matter where you go. I try to avoid people, so you see, holiday fishing is not my cup of tea. But this year is different.

My son came home from university and we decided to go fishing. The weather has been hot and sunny as of late, thus driving more people to the mountains, including him and me. My son has been working on his tenkara fishing but has not had much success catching trout. I decided to take him to a mountain stream and practice his technique -- as well as hopefully catch some fish.

The air temperature was 95 degrees, the sky was partly cloudy and river flow was 165 cfs. We donned our waders, rigged up the rods and headed in.

My son currently fishes with a Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth. I had with me a Daiwa LL36SF. He had a beadhead attractor pattern tied on and I had a large UKB. After a while we traded rods, so he could feel what a premium tenkara rod feels like.

His casts were really good. He cast so the fly entered the water first, kept the rod tip high and controlled the line through the water. He missed a couple takes at first, but later on landed a few cutthroat trout.

We fished for a few hours, then headed back down to the valley for a family reunion and barbecue. It was a fun time fishing with him. I hope he learns to love tenkara as much as I do and that we get more chances to fish together over the years.

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  1. Terrific. I can't wait until I take my son, currently 6 months old, out on the river.


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