December 20, 2015

One Hour on December 19, 2015 -- Video Log

I fished yesterday for one hour. Yep, just one hour. I was with my wife, and I didn't want to have her wait too long. We were traveling and she said that I could fish while she read in the car. I love it when she comes with me, but I don't like to have her waiting on me for hours.

Here is a video of the fish I took in that hour:


  1. Pleasing to watch! You produced a fun, yet educational video. I'm new to this endeavour and learned a bunch. Nice sound track as well.

    1. Thank you. I always hope that the videos are illustrative.

  2. Merry Christmas Tom,
    Thanks for another video. Looks like you are enjoying the Black Beauty. I just purchased some jig style flies in soft hackle hare's ear and pheasant tail patterns. I am anxious to try them out. You certainly seem to have success with the jig style fly.


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