January 31, 2016

Moonlit Fly Fishing hooks

Moonlit Fly Fishing is expanding their offerings for fly anglers from just furled lines to now fiberglass fly rods, Loop fly rods, reels and hooks. I was at their office the other day and picked up a few of the new hook offerings. They come in various hook shapes, sizes and gauge of wire.

The hooks are competition style hooks -- barbless, needle point and, in one model, jig style. They are strong and competitively priced.

On one of the styles that I received the eyes were pretty small, but usable. Other than that, I can't find any issues with these hooks.

So, if you are in the market for some new hooks (or new fiberglass fly rod, Loop rod, furled line or reel), give Moonlit a try.

Disclaimer: I have no formal affiliation with Moonlit Fly Fishing. I receive no compensation for reviewing their products. I did receive the hooks free of charge, however.


  1. This is a crowded field, with Allen Fly Fishing, GCO, @ The Flyshack (among many others) offering discounted quality hooks. I like those brands but I also appreciate Gamakatsu for their unique (and sharp) barbless hook styles, Hanak for their deadly sharp hooks and Partridge for their quality control. Are brand name hooks overkill for a fly that might last as long as long as it takes to get stuck in a tree or hung up downstream? Sometimes. But for me, I feel better knowing that the fly hook is not the weakest link, but rather the one holding the rod. No excuses. But otoh, I also like a good value!


  2. These are good competition hooks. I really like these. I'm a daichii fan, but these hooks are hard to beat for the price.


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