January 9, 2016

Tenkara January 9, 2016

I got to the river at noon today and saw that most of the blue ice had melted, leaving only the white ice at the edges. When the valleys here get thermal inversions the night time temperatures can get into the single digits or worse, into the negatives. When that happens for more than just a few days, dense ice (blue) forms in the water and it's too cold to fish, even if the daytime temps are in the twenties. If the temperatures are in the normal cold range then white ice, or ice with lots of air forms, and waters temps will be fine for fishing.

Anyway, I went fishing today, from noon to 1345. The water was nice at 38° F and the air was 36° F.  The other thing that made it nice was a light snow and little to no breeze.

I fished a stretch of the river that I hadn't fished for a while. The last time I fished this section it was spring, so it looks and fishes differently now.

I used a bead head jig nymph and took one nice rainbow along with many browns. After catching a baker's dozen I drove home.


  1. Great tip there on the blue ice vs white ice. I have never heard about that before.

  2. I was up your way last weekend at Lava. It was too cold to fish so we just snow shoed with the kids.