February 14, 2016

Tenkara -- February 13, 2016

I was able to go fishing yesterday, due to a break in the weather aligning with a day off.  The inversion had broken, so the air temperature was reasonable -- right at 32°F. We've received a lot of snow over the past few weeks and the road department is having troubles finding places to push it. So, all the usual turn offs and parking areas are snowed in. I had to park right along the road.

The water was nice, 38°F. The flow was at winter levels, but accessing the water was a challenge, again, because all the snow. Still, I got in and waded along the stream's edge.

The part of the stream I fished was closed in with over hanging tree limbs. I was using a 375 cm rod, but I should have gone with a 360 cm one. Sometimes even a few extra centimeters can make all the difference between hitting branches and not.

I used bead head nymphs, attractor patterns, with moderate success. The section of the stream I chose was higher gradient than other sections, so there's fewer paces to target your fly. The wading was challenging; just the way I like it! I hooked browns, cutthroats and whitefish.

Here's the video. 3rd person view.


  1. Great video, thank you for taking the time, energy, and effort to film and edit it all.

    1. Thanks, John. The 3rd person view set up is a pain to fish with but it makes an interesting video.

  2. Looks like your using that tanuki....how're you liking it?

    That water looks beautiful. You really are lucky to have such close access.

    1. It's a very well balanced, moderate flex action rod that works well for throwing bead head flies. I do like it.


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