April 29, 2016

"Oval winding spool Fly box line winder" from eBay -- GAW

The other day, I picked up a couple of inexpensive line management spools from eBay -- just to see what they were like. I get sort of curious about certain items and if they're not too expensive I'll buy them to try them out.

These spools are oval shaped, plastic and have a built in fly box. Maybe you've seen them before and wondered what they were like. The rim is rubber and there are two finger indentations on the back that help you hold the spool while winding on the line.

There are two small compartments in the center of the spool. Each compartment will hold two or three #10 flies. The little door clicks shut tightly, so there seems to be little chance of spontaneous door opening and fly loss.

The spool works OK but one thing that is annoying is that there is no slot to "anchor" your line. There are two "slots", one corresponding to each compartment, however. I think they are so you can keep your fly attached to the tippet, but neither works well for anchoring or securing the end of your line. I have a few extra elastic spool tamers from used RIO tippet spools and these work well to keep the line on the oval spool.

There is no slot to "anchor" your line.

With elastic spool tamer in place.

Now that I've seen them, I've decided they are not for me. Therefore, I'll keep one and give the other one away to the first person that says they want it. I'll pay for shipping in the CONUS. You get one spool, but the RIO elastic spool tamer, line, and flies are not included (ok, maybe I'll send you a fly or two also).  If you want it, just let me know in the comments section of this post, and then send me your mailing address via my "Contact Me" tab at the top of the blog.


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