June 16, 2016

Jackson Hole News and Guide

I was recently interviewed by a reporter for the Jackson Hole News and Guide. The JHN&G is the news magazine that details everything that's happening in Jackson, WY and the surrounding communities. The reporter, Clark Foster, had heard about tenkara but didn't know what it entailed. He was directed to my blog by someone, I'm not really sure who, and then he contacted me.

We had a nice interview on a bright blue western Wyoming day, the kind that makes the Tetons oh so beautiful! He asked me questions and true to form, I talked too much. After the interview we went out in the parking lot and within minutes of seeing a tenkara rod he was casting one -- and pretty well, I might add!

Anyway, you can see the article at the JHN&G website.

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  1. I read the article. It read like you and the interviewer got it right. Way to go! John Laudenslager, Canon City, CO


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