August 29, 2016

A Few Fish in a Hot Windy Day

It's wildfire season in the west. The mountains are bone dry and high pressure has brought windy conditions. This has been my fishing weather as of late.

I got out the other day for a few hours of fishing. It was tough. The wind made casting accurately difficult, but it's not the casting that bothered me, rather, trying to keep the sighter just above the waters surface. Due to the gusty nature of the wind I often had to drop the sighter onto the water's surface making a "water anchor" to keep the line from blowing all over the place. Dropping the line onto the water greatly reduces fish take sensitivity. I missed quite a few nice cutthroats.

Still, I did land a few as well. They were beautiful fish, caught while BLM helicopters flue overhead as they shuttled to and from a nearby wildfire.

Here's a short video of a few of those cutthroats:


  1. Heat makes the fish inactive and wind makes it so difficult to cast. Props to you for have a good day out in that kind of weather.

  2. Good to see you back in the water Tom

    1. Thanks. I've been out fishing, just not documenting it as much. I'm going slowly now days though.

  3. Another great vid Tom. Tell me, have you ever discussed what sort of set-up you use for your videos? I love your POV and it appears to be off to one side attached to a backpack or something. I have only used a Gopro with head mount myself; although I am about to try the chest strap to see if it can capture more of the action 'face>face' as it were. Keep up the awesome work! Have been a subscriber for a long time. Guy


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