September 17, 2016

Exploring New Waters

I had the chance to get out on the stream yesterday, but I decided I'd go explore a new creek. I found some information regarding this creek a few years ago but I never yet visited it. It's small, and it takes a drive for me to get there, but I wanted to fish it because of the reports of native cutthroats being in the water.

I got to the trailhead a little after 11 AM. The gate was locked but it allowed access for fishing. I was the only one there. I walked up the dirt road for a bit watching the creek and trying to size it up. I had brought with me my Nissin Pro Spec 360 7:3, which is my goto rod for smaller creeks that I'm unfamiliar with. I could see that it might be a little long in spots, but not long enough in others. The typical issue.

After passing a few beaver ponds (I don't usually fish beaver ponds except for the head of the pond where the water is still moving) I came to a picnic area, now closed for the season. I started there.

The creek was small, 6-8 feet wide mostly. I was pleased with the water flows for this time of year. I readily caught 3-4 small cutthroats and one small brown. That's about what I suspected would be in this water.

But minutes later I took a 12 inch brown out of very shallow water. Nice fish! I then took a 13 inch cutthroat. What a beauty! And finally, just upstream from the last fish, I took a 14 inch cutthroat! Really nice fish! On that last fish I couldn't see my line, but I could see the fish come out of the shadows towards the place where the fly should have been. I timed the set to when the fish stopped its forward motion. Got him!

I did bring my camera, so here's the video of the creek and a few of the fish.


  1. Great post. That last nice trout is the Suprised I love on these types of streams. Pretty amazing how a small stream can produce really nice "native" trout. So what would you say your all around favorite rod is? meaning which one do you inevitably grab when in doubt?

    1. The rod I grab when exploring new waters: If it's smaller water that's not flowing fast I take the Nissin ProSpec 360 7:3. If it's faster current or the possibility of larger fish I use the Suntech Suikei 39 medium. My favorite rod? I'm still working on that one!

  2. Usually a good sign when you arrive at the trailhead and you're the only one there. Some really nice fish in that video. Curious, why don't you fish beaver ponds?

    1. No real reason. There can be some really nice fish in beaver ponds. I just prefer moving water.


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