October 1, 2016

Sometimes It's Not About the Size of the Fish

There's a small creek that is one of my favorites. It's not because of the large size of the trout, though a few can surprise you. It's not because it's overlooked and low pressured. Rather, it's because it frustrates and humbles me.

It's highly technical water with lots of dead fall, snags both above and below the water, and beautiful pockets under overhanging branches. The fish are rainbows; there are purported to be cutthroats in there somewhere, but I haven't ever taken one. Maybe I don't fish high enough. I fish at around 6000 feet, but the cutthroats are likely higher.

I go to this stream in the autumn to test and hone my casting skills and to loose a lot of flies. That way I can replenish my fly box.

Here is the video of my few hours on the creek. Passing thunderstorms and wind made the day even more challenging. Most of the rainbows are small, but I still really love this creek.

I'll be back again next fall to test my skill and to loose more flies.



  1. Beautiful water. How blessed you are to have creeks/streams like this near you. I will get a chance in two weeks to fish the Smokies while attending Tenkara Jam. Can't wait! Maybe it was credited in the video(if so, I missed it)but I didn't recognize your rod.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Shawn. The rod is a modified Zen Suzume.

  2. Tom,
    Thanks for sharing your videos, and your frustrations. Watching your great edited videos have left me thinking you don't snag the brush or lose flies. In this post you shared that you too are humbled and frustrated like the rest of us! How far from home do you have to go to get to some of your special small streams?


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