November 7, 2016

A High Mountain Stream Before the Snow Falls.

The other day I fished a stream that comes tumbling out of the mountains, in a hurry to get to the valley floor.  I don't fish this creek very much, but I ought to. It has a nice population of both browns and rainbows, and there is rumored to be cutthroats in the higher sections. The canyon it's in is usually over run with campers in the summer, so I only visit it in the autumn. I hadn't videoed this creek before, so I thought I'd take along my camera and document the fishing.

As I drove up the road I could see that there was already some snow in the shadows. The canyon was empty -- just the way I like it. The creek had excellent water flow and there was no wind!

The creek is small, but not as small as some I like to fish. I chose the Suzume, which I had modified to my preference, and a 7 foot line. This rod worked pretty well for this stream. The flies I chose were a #10 Oxford wool kebari and a Sunglow Killer Bug. Both took fish in all the likely lies.

This creek comes out of a wilderness area further up the mountain. I've not fished up that high before, but I think next year I'll devote some time in exploring the higher reaches to see of I can find a cutthroat or two. But for now, I was concentrating on browns and rainbows of the lower reaches.

Here is a video of a few of the fish:


  1. Gotta love that "yuppie" posted sign

  2. Beautiful color on the fish this time of year. They looked healthy even though it is such a small stream.