December 19, 2016

Two New Suntech Rods from TenkaraBum -- rod #2

I recently published a post about a new Suntech rod, the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 27. I mentioned that it was one of two new rods introduced from Suntech. Here I briefly present the second.

First, let me make a bold statement. In my opinion, the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special line of rods is the most complete and versitile rod line of high quality, multi-length rods currently available. They are aesthetically beautiful, fit and finish are perfect, and functionally they are amazing. They can cast a lightweight level line with unweighted flies and yet also handle tungsten head head nymphs. They are available in short lengths for headwaters (GM27), standard length of 310-360-390 cm (GM39) for most streams, and for larger waters there is the GM44 (360-400-440 cm). Now there is the GM53!

The Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 53 is newest in the line of these multi-length rods. Like its shorter siblings it is perfect in its construction. Since all of its more terminal parts are interchangeable with its shorter siblings I won't go into much detail. But suffice it to say, it looks exactly like, but just a bit larger, the GM39 and the GM44.

The action is smooth and it casts a #2.5-3 line beautifully. Given its length, its a two handed rod. It can be fished as a classic keiryu rigged rod with bait and weight, or as a long "tenkara" rod with flies. Like all the rods in this line, the GM53 is recommended for tippet no stronger than 6X. However, I usually use 5.5X or even 5X routinely and have not issues with trout up to 22 inches in high gradient streams.

The test for this rod show it to have a CCS rating of 26, 26.5, 26.5 pennies at 4.5, 4.9 and 5.3 meters, respectively. This gives it an RFI of 5.7, 5.4, and 5. These measurements are in the perfect range for rods that can do it all -- cast light lines and light flies, as well as furled lines and heavier flies. The hook sets for these rods are quick and sharp, and the rods have enough backbone to handle some very nice fish.

Weight without the Fuji cap

Here is a recent post by Jeff Roberts on the Tenkara-Fisher forum regarding his new GM27. If the GM27 can do this, think what the GM53 could do with the right technique and skills!

"I have really been enjoying the new GM 27!!! Great rod for smaller streams and smaller fish. Super light in hand, perfectly balanced, and just a joy to fish. Today I was given a real life test of Suntech's quality and engineering powers! I caught a carp! Yes, the smile is still on my face. I was fishing 10' of Oni size 3 level line, 3lbs tippet and a double bead head kebari. I will admit the colder water probably helped as the fish was probably not as lively as it may be in warmer water. However, I'm going to credit many years of catching larger fish on fixed line as well. Amazing fight of which I will never forget. Rod held its own without breaking tippet! Again, this is not a stout rod so please don't see it as such. It truly is fun on small fish. However, if you were concerned about the occasional larger trout, I feel like I just squashed your fear. Buy this rod!!!! LOL"

Here is his fish:

So, I'm going to make my bold statement again. I feel that the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special line of rods is the most complete and versatile rod line of high quality, multi-length rods currently available. The addition of the GM53 just makes the rod line even better!

If you want to get a GM39, GM44 or the GM53, they are available from TenkaraBum. You can get a GM27 from TB too.

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