March 25, 2017

Small Rainbows and Spring Water

All the streams in my area are running very high and muddy, due to record snowpack melting. But I was able to get a little fishing in on a stream I know that seems to be impervious to the spring run off.

This stream is spring fed, and although it comes out of the mountains it doesn't use snow melt for its flows. All year round its waters are crystal clear and 52°F.  Its flows seem stable as well, but there's not a USGS stream gauge on it, so I don't know what its flow rates actually are.

Small rainbows inhabit its waters. The largest I've ever taken was about 12 inches, and that was from a very deep plunge pool. Most of the fish are 8 inches or under. Still, they are very difficult to catch due to the clear water. Any movement sends them scurrying for cover.

I have to lengthen my line and greatly lengthen my tippet to have any success on this stream. I normally fish 5.5X tippet, but here I use 6X -- it seems to help my presentation on this challenging little stream.

I used the Oni Type I rod. This works great for the open areas, but there are many trees and the Oni-I is frustrating in a closed canopy. Still, I caught a couple dozen in the few hours I fished. They were small, but strong and reluctant to come to hand.

It was good to be out. I hope to get out here a few more times before the campers/picnickers invade the area for the summer.


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