April 26, 2017

High Water, Rain, and Trout

Most rivers are still quite high and many are off colored, due to the record snowpack from winter melting. I've fished a little, but it's putting your life in your hands trying to navigate through the high streams flows. I've taken a few fish here and there, but not many.

But today I decided to go fishing. It's been raining/snowing for the last four days and I thought I saw a break in the clouds, so I decided to try a little mountain stream that usually doesn't get quite as blown out with run off.

By the time I reached the stream it was raining again. The water looked good -- higher than usual but manageable, and most importantly, clear. I got rigged up and started working my way up stream.

There was a lot of dead fall making fishing difficult. This stream is hard at the best of times, but a lot more trees were downed from the heavy winter snows making todays outing a real lesson in frustration.

Still, I caught fish. Anywhere the stream canopy opened enough for me to cast I hooked into trout. These are mostly stocked rainbows, in the 8-10 inch range, but the higher you go up the stream the more chance of getting into wild, native cutthroats.

The UKB was my fly today. Yes its works, but I don't fret as much if I loose a few to the trees.

I fished for a little more than one hour and took around 15 trout. It was very nice to get out, but man, am I ready for some warmer weather!

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