January 16, 2018

New Tenryu Rod to be Released -- Yikes! What a price!

Tenryu has announced that it will release a new, limited edition tenkara rod. Called the Tenryu Tenkara Furaibo TF 39 "Betchou", it looks like a beautiful rod.

I can't find very much about it, but this is what Tenryu says in its press release (Google translate): "Based on the tone of Fujiborobu TF 39, we gathered the carbon cloth woven with Nishijin weave from the tip of the head and put it in the whole body of the stick (#1 is a solid carbon material). Tenkara which is unique to Japan and Nishijin weave which is a traditional technique are merged with state-of-the-art technology. By tradition and technology that craftsmen have connected, we realized a Japanese taste that can only be produced domestically. In addition, because only the limited craftsmen create a process that far surpasses the usual process, we will sell it by quantity limitation."

It's extended length is 3.9 m.
Fully nested it is 58 cm.
Weight is 83 g.
The number of sections is 8.
Material ratio of carbon to glass: 93/7
It's price is.............................wait for it..............................................¥ 87,000!

Yes, that's $785.41 USD as of today's exchange rate! I'm going to apologize to all my readers right now, I will not be buying this rod to provide a review. Sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe in the future, if the price comes way down, I'll get my hands on one and test it out. But for now, nope.

At that price a Karasu 400 looks down right inexpensive! Maybe I'll have to get one of those instead!

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