January 11, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I was able to do a little fishing today. The weather was nice and warm; Air 40°F and water 40°F. There was a storm front coming in, and a breeze brought some minor annoyance, but nothing that was too challenging.

As I do most winters, I was hunting browns today. The stream that I fished was running a little high for this time of year, at 100 cfs, so I concentrated on the sides of the stream and any place the current was broken.

I caught many of the fish on the side of the stream I was wading, but most were caught on the opposite side of the stream. I had better line control with this approach today because of the breeze.

I fished from 1300-1430 and brought 12 browns to hand, all on a Red Dart. I almost lost the fly a few times on trees and a couple of underwater snags, but it ended up surviving the outing. It got pretty chewed up and earned a spot in the fly retirement container.

It was a great hour and half, just perfect for a winter's tenkara outing.


  1. Ran across the red dart pattern on planet trout a while back. Looked good and now I'll have to tie some for sure.

  2. Tom,

    Do you ever use a keiryu rod when using weighted nymphs such as the dart? Or is the dart so lightly weighted that your TenkaraBum 36 is a great match with the red dart?

    Thank you! I

    1. I'll fish tungsten beadheads with the TenkaraBum Traveler (a keiryu rod) but the TB36 does just fine cast them as well.

    2. Good to know - many thanks!