April 24, 2018

It Finally is Spring!

Spring is probably the most anticipated season at my house. Winter seems to get longer and longer every year, and spring becomes an increasingly more long sought after friend.

I live at about 6000 ft on the western side of the Idaho Rockies and although I like winter, I really love spring. Fishing slows in the creeks that I generally fish (due to run-off), but that's OK. Spring is the time to enjoy nature.

The snow near my house is finally melting. The creek running through my land is clear and cold. The aspen are starting to flower and the chokecherries either are budding, or have just leafed out (depending on which tree belt it's in).

The western spring beauties (Claytonia lanceolata) are up (these have little round tubers that taste like a cross between a potato and a radish), as are the yellow bells (Fritillaria pudica).

 Yes, hallelujah! Spring is finally here!

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