July 14, 2018

Evening Fishing During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is in full swing in the northern Rockies. Daytime highs have been in the mid 90'sF over the past few weeks. This makes daytime fishing less enjoyable, despite the cool and soothing feeling of wet wading.

I decided to fish during the evening the other day. The air temperature had cooled to 91F and the water temperature was 60F. The water flow was holding up nicely, despite there being no appreciable rain for a couple of months.

I fished from 1800 to 1930 hours, my usual 1.5 hours. There was very little breeze and although it started out a little slow, by the time I left I had taken well over a dozen browns. A couple were in the 14 inch range. I normally don't go after fish in that size category, but they were fun and put up a great fight.

The fly for the evening was #10 Oxford wool kebari. It fished it tightly against the bank, as most of the fish were holding near cover along the shore.

It was a fun evening. I'll have to revisit evening fishing some other time as that evening was quite productive.

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  1. Nice post Tom. Our streams have been too low and warm to fish along with national forest closures. A few stockers from lakes but that's it.