August 21, 2018

August Cutthroats

We are just heading into my favorite season for fishing. Summer fishing is nice. Spring can be tough, due to run-off. Winter can yield some great outings. But it's autumn that, for me, is the best. Stream flows are at their basal rate and the biting bugs are dead and gone. Yes, it's autumn for me.

I recently have been pursuing cutthroats in some streams in Wydaho (that etherial land that involves the Idaho-Wyoming border). Some of the streams I could hike into and others I had to do some four-wheeling in the Tacoma.

The waters were clear and cold. The fish were less cooperative than they have been in the past, but we've been having some weeks of very hot weather. I think this might have shut them down. Either that or i'm loosing my touch.

Most all the fish I took were Yellowstone cutthroat. I did take one Snake River fine spotted cutthroat, but the streams I fished are not classically known to have SRFS cutthroats in them.  To get the larger fish to take I had to use beadhead nymphs, as they were in the deepest holes. Cutthroats are known to readily take dry flies, but since I almost always fish subsurface I had to get a little creative.

Yellowstone cutthroat

SRFS cutthroat

I had some enjoyable adventures, fishing some different reaches of streams I had fished in the past. The next two months will be my busiest fishing time. I look forward to it!

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  1. Doesn't look like you're losing your touch to me. Beautiful fish Tom, glad you were able to explore some different water.


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