September 21, 2018

Autumn and Browns

The browns are on the move and the weather is turning colder with the water temperature is falling nicely.  I've been fishing selected reaches trying to pickup larger fish with an unweighted kebari, now that water levels are lower.

The fish I've been picking up have been holding tightly to the bank or near cover. I have been taking some in mid stream, but most are closer to structure.

The fly they preferred was a Takayama white. I did take a few on a dark kebari, but white was clearly the winner.

I'll be fishing as much as I can over the next month. It's prime time!


  1. Tom, just out of curiosity, a minnow pattern or streamer wouldn't be productive worked close to the structure?

  2. Some very nice fish Tom. Next week I'll be trying the San Juan for the fall browns.