October 25, 2018

Autumn Means Sight Fishing

I went fishing this morning on a small creek that I really enjoy. This time of year the water level is low, but since the creek has a spring origin the water temperatures remain stable throughout the year.

I went to do some sight fishing. The browns that inhabit this creek are plentiful and they love to hold right next to the creek bank, or in front of obstructing rocks. This makes them easy to see and to target for sight fishing. Every trout I caught I first spotted, snuck up on, presented the fly to and then hooked. I could see the white flash as each one opened its mouth to take the fly. It was great fun.

The weather was overcast with no wind. The air was 50° F and there was no one else around. I fished for exactly 30 minutes and caught a baker's dozen.

I rarely ever fish with a dry fly, but the water level that these trout were holding in was mere inches tempting me to do so. However, I love that fishing subsurface fly fishing is so challenging in such thin water. Also, it is very productive and that's why I do it.

I took pictures of about half the fish I caught, to document the outing for my journal. After I fished for 30 minutes I decided to go home. It was all I needed.


  1. Tom,looks like 30 minutes of time well spent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Tom,

    I am looking at the fish in your pictures. Do you know, is it unusual for Brown trout to have a white leading edge on their fins?

    I had read somewhere that Brook trout have that, but Browns do not. Obviously the Browns in your pictures have some white on the leading edge of their fins.

    Thank you,


    1. Yes, browns have white leading edge on some of their fins, particularly on the anal fins.


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