November 9, 2018

Daiwa Master Tenkara L 3.6 m rods

Daiwa has announced a new tenkara rod to their already impressive line up. It is a "master" rod, being designed and produced specifically for advanced tenkara anglers.

No one has seen the rods yet, as they have not been released to the public, but tenkara researcher extraordinaire, David Walker has found out some information regarding the new rods. Here is what David says:

 "Last time round Daiwa introduced the Expert Tenkara L & Expert Tenkara LT [エキスパート テンカラ L & エキスパート テンカラ LT ] rods.

The Master Tenkara L [ マスター テンカラ L ] rods are now listed on their webpage this time round, with release date of Nov 2018 [2018.11 デビュー]. Two rods, both 3.6m in length. The LL 36 & LT 36.

The rods only have 4 segments. Thus a longer collapsed length of 99.2 cm, about 1m. Weight 78g and 80g.

Pricey rods, both list for 46,000 JPY ~ $408. I did not find them listed yet on any commercial websites. Maybe retailers will list them at lower than Daiwa’s list price.

Developed by Katayama Etsuji-san tester [片山悦二さんテスター ]. Who calls it a “中継テンカラ竿”, Which I am guessing means a mid flex (middle segment) rod. The same 中継 term is used in the description of the Expert L tenkara rods.

Each rod has a different type of tip. First segment. LL 36 (Tubular tip), LT 36 (mega top tip). Which from the description indicates the difference is to enhance the use of light level line or tapered line, and why they should work better."

Here is the full information page from Daiwa. 

I'm looking forward to casting and fishing with this rod. It's expensive, but having fished Daiwa's other tenkara rods, I bet it's worth it!

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