March 15, 2019

More Snow, and the Promise of Spring

I went fishing yesterday. We got about 8 inches of snow overnight and this added to the many feet we already have, made getting to the creek challenging. We had actually had some snow melt this past week but this new addition increased the depth quite a bit.

The water was low, which is usual for winter pre-melt conditions, and the trout were a little off. I started with a #12 black Ishigaki kebari and after taking a few browns changed to a #10 UKB.

As I walked up the creek I didn't scare as many trout as I usually do, making me wonder if most of the fish have moved into the deeper pools to over winter and haven't made their way back to their normal feeding lies.

The air temp was 33° F and the water was 44° F. I used the Tenkara Times 300Z (mine is the old version called the Watershed 330). I used a 7' #3.5 line, but I think that it is a little heavy for this rod. I'll go back to a #3. I fished for about an hour then moved to a larger stream to see how the water flows were there.

The forecast for this coming week is sun and daytime temps into the low 50's. Boy, am I looking forward to spring!


  1. Tom I look at that snow and I'm glad it's in your yard.
    Gazing at those beautiful browns almost make dealing with snow tolerable.

    1. I like the word "almost"! I couldn't agree more. I'm ready for the snow to leave for another year!

  2. Don't be too eager for the melt Tom. My favorite stream is at 500-600% of normal flow and like coffee with cream.


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