June 2, 2020

Meadow Browns - May 27, 2020

I have a few favorite streams that I fish. I really ought to explore new waters more, but I find myself frequently returning to streams that have perfect characteristics for my style of tenkara. Still, even though I frequent these streams, it doesn't mean that I know all the secrets they hold. I recently fished a section of one of my favorite streams that I hadn't fished before. Instead of the tumbling waters that I love so much, I fished an upper reach that was lower in gradient as is worked it's way through meadows. It was a very productive outing!

I used a Peacock and Quail jun kebari most of the time, only changing to a black Takayama sakasa kebari variant after losing it to some underwater snags. I fished with the DT Karasu 360. It's a very nice rod and a great caster!

Here's a video of some of the fish I took:

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