August 9, 2020

Peacock hotspot futsu kebari

 I've been fishing more stiff hackle, or futsu, kebari this year. I find them a little harder to cast accurately; this, probable due to the air resistance hackle. Of course, like all kebari, I fish them subsurface and they do take fish. I'm not sure I find them better at "hovering" or "anchoring" in one particular spot than jun or sakasa kebari, but I'm still getting used to them and how they respond in my streams.

Here's one I been using as of late. It's easy to tie and effective. Give it a try on your waters!

Hook: barbless dry or nymph

Thread: Veevus 10/0 D05, hot orange

Hackle: black 

Body: peacock herl reinforced with the thread

Tag: gold wire

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