September 9, 2020


 I've used a lot of brands of hooks over the past 40 years, some of which I liked and most of which I didn't. Sure, they catch fish just fine, but I like things to be "just so" when it comes to hooks. It's no different with hooks for kebari. 

My favorite hook these days is the Fulling Mill FM5065. I love it's wide gap, gently curved shank and black nickle finish. I also like that it has a straight eye. They are wicked sharp and a real pleasure to tie on. But although I'm a hook snob, I'm also restless. I'm always looking for a new hook to use, and I think I've found one. 

I recently picked up some Moonlit ML062 Competition barbless hooks. I have them in the two sizes I use most, size 10 and 12. They have a standard weight forged wire with a black nickle finish. The eye is straight and the point is needle long, slightly upturned. They look great!

I've tied some of my favorite kebari patterns on the ML062 and I'm pleased with how they turned out! 

At $5.29 for 25 hooks, the ML062 come in at $0.21/hook - not bad. The FM5065 is $12.95 for 50 hooks, which is $0.26/hook. Firehole Sticks 316 come in around $0.20. So the ML062 are mid range in price.

I know there are cheaper hooks, and less expensive hooks, out there, but I think the ML062 is a great hook with a reasonable price. I'm sure it will find a permanent place in my hook case! 

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