November 9, 2020

Need a BIG Power Tenkara rod? Shimano BG Tenkara 48 NV!

 Shimano is releasing a new rod that some of you might be interested in. It's 4.8 meters in length, and is designed for big water and big fish. 

Here is a link to Shimano's information page. BG Tenkara 48 NV 

Looks interesting! But at 4.8 meters it might just need two hands! It looks like Dr. Ishigaki and Shimano are ready to break the "Japanese tenkara is for small fish" mold!


  1. Seriously? Well its nice he's finally come around and is bringing followers like you with him that will accept rods like this that Zen has been designing for years. The whole debate on what is and what isn't tenkara will start all over again....oh wait, it never ended, LOL! Big fish on tenkara? Impossible!

  2. Looks very interesting. Possibly Steelhead on Minnesota's North Shore?