January 30, 2012

Welcome to Teton Tenkara

I few months ago, while perusing the web, I happened upon Tenkara. At first I did not know what to make of it, but after some reading and research I came to learn about its history, tackle and techniques. It fascinated me. So, after some internal debating, I bought my first Tenkara rod and line.

First, let me tell you that I have been western-style fly fishing for over 20 years. I tie may own flies, make my own rods, configure my own leaders (at least until 2 years ago when I discovered furled leaders). Ironically, I have been tying flies since 1975 when I learned how to tie in a 7 grade class --- I just never learned how to use the flies until years later. I learned to fly fish when I lived in Oregon. I fished some large waters there, like the Deschutes, Clackamas, Kalama, etc. Even though I had a lot of fun chasing steelhead and larger trout in these larger waters I soon learned that small trout in small mountain streams is what gave me my greatest joy. These small rivers were much less frequented by fisherman. I found the peace and isolation that I desired. From that time on I have manly fished small waters.  I now chase trout in the smaller creeks and rivers of the greater Teton region of Idaho and Wyoming. Tenkara seems to be a perfect fit for this type of fishing.

This blog is to outline my adventures in Tenkara. I will try to discuss my take on the equipment and techniques of Tenkara -- what seems to work for me and what doesn't. I will also try to occasionally bring you to the stream with me through video. That way we can both learn together!  I am new to blogging so please be patient.  OK, here we go...................

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