Flies and Kebari Collection eBook

Teton Tenkara Flies and Kebari Collection, Volume 1 contains 20 of the flies or kebari that I use most often. There is a color image of the fly, description of the materials used, and short comment regarding that particular fly. At the end of the eBook is a short tutorial on using a dubbing hook; a tool I find indispensable when tying certain patterns.  The eDocument is in a scrollable format, from top to bottom, and the size of each page can be adjusted using a slider bar in the bottom right corner of the viewer screen. 

The eBook has been tested on the following devices or operating systems by myself and some reviewers: Windows 10, iMac with Catalina, iPhone, Android phones, and iPad. It seems to work well, although some photos may take a minute to load depending on your connection speed. But just in case the eBook version doesn't work on your device, I do have a PDF version of the book as an alternative. Just contact me if you have problems. 

The cost of the eDocument is $10 USD. I figured this was pretty reasonable, and all monies raised will go towards more rod reviews, which I really like doing. 

So, if you want my eBook, please buy it! Click on the button below, pay, and I'll send you the link. And please include your email address in the PayPal payment. If I don't have your email, I can't send you the link for the eBook!

Thank you for all your support!

Teton Tenkara Flies and Kebari Collection, Vol. 1


  1. Hi Dr. I live in Logan Utah and have even had you as my Dr. in the past. I was going to try and purchase your printed book but don't see a link to do so. Are they no longer available? By the way, you might like a book my friend Chadd VanZanten wrote about back packing and fly fishing. He's got 2, one on the wind rivers, the other on the Bear River watershed. Anyways, Let me know on the book as I would prefer a physical copy. Thanks for all your info and videos!

    Mark Brooks

    1. Hi Mark, the book has always been an eBook only. I have a hardback, printed copy that I made for myself, but due to cost, a printed version would be prohibitive to sell. The eBook does come in a PDF version, so you could print and bind it yourself, if desired.

  2. Hey Tom, are you working on a volume 2? I hope so, enjoyed volume 1.