March 19, 2012

Tip Plug control

What do you do with the tip end plug of your Tenkara rod when you are fishing? Leave it in the car? Put it in your pocket? Loose it to those sneeky gremlins that hide everything (including your left socks from the dryer)?

Well, when I was recently fishing with Erik Ostrander of Tenkara Guides, he showed me the way that he keeps track of those end plugs. He drills a hole through them and then attaches a chain or string. He finds this helps him not loose the plug as easily.

When I saw this I said to myself "Duh"!! I should have thought of that! Sometimes the obvious just doesn't enter into my brain. So when I got home I took my rod end plugs out to the drill press and drilled a 7/64th hole though them. I then passed some Dacron backing material through the holes and tied some loops.

Left to Right: Iwana-12, Amago, Ito

Now I can use these loops to attach the end plug to my micro chest pack. No more lost end plugs!

End Plug attached with Dacron loop

Some things are so obvious!


  1. Such a simple great idea. That should be forwarded to the guys at Tenkara USA - maybe they can incorporate that into future rod tip designs or as an upgrade for people, like me, who don't have a drill press.