January 23, 2013

Trail Lite Designs Ti Net

I have a couple of different nets that I use when fishing. One is a collapsible Handy Pak net, one is a beautiful wooden net with a replacement mesh, and one is the Trail Lite Designs Ti Net. I bought the later almost a year ago and use it frequently.

There are a couple of other reviews of this net, but I thought I'd add mine to the mix.

The Trail Lite Designs Ti Net is a very lightweight (3 oz) and ubber portable fishing net that has become my main net when I don't care to measure the  size of the fish. If I am likely to catch large fish I'll take my Handy Pak net since it has a Measure Net replacement in it and can instantly measure the size of the fish. I catch mostly small (less than 16 inches) fish so the Ti Net is perfect most days.

The Ti Net has a carbon fiber handle which is 12 inches long. The titanium hoop is 9.5 inches (24 cm) diameter and comes with a fine weave nylon mesh. I have landed fish up to 18 inches long in this net, but a fish that size is a tight fit!

A 12 incher in the Ti Net

I must confess that my current Ti Net is actually my second. My first Ti Net, which had a black mesh, floated peacefully down a river as I was removing a fly from a fish's mouth. I did not have the net secured with a leash and therefore gave some other fisherman a really nice gift! I liked the net so much that I absolutely had to order another. My current Ti Net has a leash (not included with the net); I'm not giving this one away!

I carry my Ti Net either in my belt, when I am wet wading or wearing my Hippies, or through my Smith Creek Net Holster when I am wearing my waders. Either way is convenient since this net is so lightweight.

My wooden net in the Smith Creek Net Holster

Trail Lite Designs offers this net in either an angled or straight version, and they even offer a larger version called the Ti Net Plus (I'd love to get one of these). It has a 10.5 inch (27 cm) diameter hoop and 14 inch handle. That means bigger fish and a better reach!

I like this net. It has gone with me on some hike-in adventures and works great! If you are looking for a net that is durable, very lightweight, and want it to have that classic tenkara "tamo" look (yet have ultra modern materials), then consider the Trail Lite Designs Ti Net. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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