February 18, 2013

Moonlit Furled Tenkara Lines

A while back I received some furled lines from Brandon Moon of Moonlit Fly Fishing. I've been wanting to fish these lines for a while but the air temps have been too cold. I find that below 32 degree F, furled lines are frustrating to fish with due to the fact that they gather a small amount water and freeze. But just the other day I was able to fish with these lines.

To tell you the truth, I am not a furled line fisherman. I prefer level lines almost always but sometimes I need to turn over a large fly or group of flies or even lay out a small dry fly and make it land with just a whisper. That is when I'll use a furled line.

Moonlit Furled Tenkara lines are beautiful. They are high quality lines that would make any tenkara fisher happy. Brandon offers three different tenkara line styles: Shogun, Bushi, and Ronin. All three use the finest Gutermann thread, but the Shogun incorporates premium fluorocarbon and Bushi is made with a core of monofilament nylon. The Ronin is the lightest line using only Gutermann thread.

All three of my lines are 13.5 feet and have an attached Dacron loop for joining to the lilian with a girth hitch. All three have a tippet ring.

I fished with all the lines Brandon gave me. I found them all to have excellent casting properties, turning over effortlessly.  They were all easy to see and to manipulate with the rod.

Conclusion: If you prefer to fish with a furled line, or just considering having some around for certain fishing situations, then I'd recommend you take a look at the lines of Moonlit Fly Fishing.  They appear to be of the highest quality and cast beautifully!

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