February 12, 2013

New "Contact Me" tab

I have added an option to the blog to make it easier for you to contact me directly. As you can see, just below the title header, there are two tabs. One says "Blog" and the other is "Contact Me". If you want to contact me directly, like for a specific question, just click the "Contact Me" tab and fill out the simple online form. To get back to the blog, click the "Blog" tab.

If you have a comment or question related to a specific blog post then feel free to comment as usual at the end of that post. But maybe, sometimes you'll have a question or comment that you don't want published or one that is not related to a specific post. If that is the case, feel free to "Contact Me".

Upcoming Posts: Introducing the Teton Tenkara Online Store (not really a store, more of a mini-mart), a couple more rod reviews (which ones I wonder!!??), Competition hooks review, more furled line reviews, and of course, on-the-water reports with those silly Teton Tenkara videos!


  1. Have just sent you a message to test the service... Let's see if it's working!