February 26, 2013

New Tenkara USA Fluorocarbon Level Lines -- preview

A few weeks ago I posted a review of the new Tenkara USA Ayu, series II. Around that same time, I received a small package from Daniel Galhardo at Tenkara USA. In the package were two spools of fluorocarbon line. Daniel mentioned that these were new lines soon to be offered by Tenkara USA and he felt that they were the best fluorocarbon level lines soon to be available for tenkara. As you can imagine, I was very excited to try the lines.

The line (top to bottom): T-USA  pink line, green Amnesia, red Amnesia

As I mentioned, two lines were send. Both were #4.5 but one was fluorescent orange and the other fluorescent pink. Both lines are incredibly supple. They both also are easily straightened; just a slight tug on either end gets rid of the loops made from the spool. Both lines are easy to knot. All in all, I really like both of these lines!

Here are some images of the lines compared to T-USA HiVis chartreuse, red Amnesia, and Sunline HiVis fluorescent orange. Each sample is 2 feet of the respective line. The top image is against a neutral grey background under full spectrum light. The bottom image is up close:

TUSA orange (top left), TUSA hot pink (top right), TUSA chartreuse (middle), red Amnesia (bottom left), Sunline (bottom right)

TUSA orange (top left), TUSA hot pink (top right), TUSA chartreuse (middle), red Amnesia (bottom left), Sunline (bottom right)

I have now fished with both the orange and pink lines on several occasions. They cast wonderfully and both are very easy to see against my winter background. I wrote Daniel with my comments, and he stated it was OK for me to publish this preview.

If I had to pick between the orange and the pink -- I'd personally choose the pink.  I feel that I can see it better against my current winter background. Would that still be the case in the autumn, when all the maples are red and orange? I'm not sure, I'll let you know this autumn!

Daniel says that Tenkara USA is planning on offering #2.5, #3.5, and #4.5 line weights.  When? He plans a mid-March release, tentatively. They are currently working on the packaging.

I for one plan on getting some of the lighter versions, especially in the hot pink! Combined with the Amnesia green/red sighter it makes an incredibly supple line which is easy to cast, quick to see, and has fantastic strike detection.

When these lines become available, give them a try. See if you like them as well as I do!

Thank you Daniel for allowing me to try these lines!


  1. I just ordered some of the pink. I hope it will be as versatile as the Orange I used previously!

    Just thought you could use more comments showing support!