October 15, 2013

Not about Tenkara....but about fisherman food.

If you ever visit Victor, Idaho to fish the streams of the Teton basin, then make sure you visit The Brakeman American Grill. It's a local burger joint where the people are friendly and the food is excellent. Since Victor is so small, you can't miss it. Drive into Victor from Idaho Falls and then turn left. The Brakeman is right there on your left.

I mentioned previously in some of my blog posts that I love a good hamburger. My most favorite is a Mike's Special from Mike's Drive In in Oregon, but the Brakeman has some really nice gourmet burgers too.

The store is small but cozy. The decor is retro American west. The menu is straight forward and inviting. They have something for everyone, even a veggie burger for those who don't like "moo" meat. The last time I was there I had the Barnyard -- half a pound of ground beef, bacon, and veggies topped with an egg! It is one artery clogging delight!! I had to all but dis-articulate my jaw like a boa to get that first bite in, it was so big!

The Barnyard, with fries (and fry sauce).

One of the things I like about the Brakeman is that the buns are fresh and tasty.  There is nothing worse that an good burger on a stale, stiff bun.  For those of you, like two of my children, that have Celiac disease they have a nice, soft gluten-free bun available.

The Brakeman also has great fries. They are made from fresh potatoes, not frozen. They are string cut, not steak cut, so they are not too saturated with grease. And yes, you can get fry sauce. For those of you you don't live in or near the intermountain west, fry sauce is a mixture of ketchup, mayo and pickle juice that was invented, or purported to be, in Utah. It is the only sauce worth dunking your fries into!! It beats plain old ketchup hands down!

That's one BIG burger!

So next time you're in my neck of the woods, stop by the Brakeman for some nice company and great food. You say you're a veg? Then have a salad. But around here we don't always eat what's good for you, we eat what's good!! Cows aren't just for making shoes!


  1. Tom,

    Dinner with your fishing buddies after a day on the water is a fantastic way to end the day. Sitting around, reliving the most memorable fish caught (or lost!) and reminiscing about past outings is probably my favorite part of a trip.

    Shawn in IN

  2. You sold me. I want one of those, right now!

  3. Tom you always know just how to make me feel like I live on the wrong side of the state. If it's not flaunting Cutt's then it's the food, if not the food then the it's your Rokon taking you though the hills to some perfect looking streams. ;) That burger looks great and I know there is amazing fishing just 10 minutes from there. Very jealous today as I have nothing to compare to that for my lunch.

    We should find a day to go fish the Wood and then drive up to Snowbunny in Hailey for a burger.


    1. I do need to fish the Big Wood with you. Man, if I could just get away!!! Life's crazy. But a good burger could seal the deal. I'm on jury duty for the next 2 weeks then I've got medical boards (my 20 year recertification). Maybe after Thanksgiving?!